Maximize Your Mobile Spy Software

If you want to use your mobile spy program appropriately and effectively, you need to be familiar with everything that comes with it, in order to fully maximize the use of your program. After all, being familiar with everything gives you the ability to customize your settings and make it work according to your preference and likeness.

In this article, I will be teaching you of the ways on how to fully maximize your spyware program, in order to make it function well.

Steps On How To Work Your Mobile Spy Program

Logging in to your account, you will see commands that will help you familiarize yourself with the features of the spyware. You really need to learn each command so that you will be able to use it in its maximum capabilities. You also need to know what happen to the information being downloaded in the software. Inside the account, you will see different tabs where the information gathered will be stored. Let us analyze what is inside each tab.

  1. My Devices – it displays all the data you need to the device you are monitoring. This may include the mobile number of the phone you are tracking, time, date, and other relevant information about the phone.
  2. My settings – using this tab, you will be able to edit the settings inside your mobile spy account. You have the full control on the account, so long as you do not share your login details. Sharing your login details with others might reduce your chance of getting the information you need, because the settings can always be changed without your approval.
  3. User Tools – you may report the logs from the phones you are monitoring. You may receive new reports from the device you are monitoring using this tool. The reports are easy to read and understand, and you can also use the reports to show as a proof of the activity spotted.
  4. SMS Commands – Using this setting of your mobile spy, you will be able to monitor the messages that is coming and outgoing in on the device. You may also retrieve the information from the GPS using this tab.
  5. Live Control Panel – Using this tab, you will be able to see the activities of the device while it is in use.
  6. Email All SMS Messages – Using this tab, you will be able to back up the files of messages by sending it to your email address.
  7. Email All Call History – Using this tab, you will be able to send all the call history in your email address.
  8. Start/Stop Sirens – if you turn on this alarm, you will be able to know if the device you are monitoring was lost or stolen.
  9. Lock/Unlock Device – using this command, you will be able to restrict the usage of a particular device.

These are the different information that you have to know, if you want to maximize your mobile spy functionality and efficiency of use.

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