Why Mobile Spy is Better than Hiring Private Investigators

You can attain mobile security with Mobile Spy. There are individuals who are not aware that there is a product that you can turn to instead of hiring professional detective services. There is a great difference between choosing this innovative monitoring software and hiring a private investigator. The factors are the following:

1. The Huge Difference on the Costs

The primary basis of the preference to using this monitoring software is the great difference on the cost. If you will hire a private investigator to monitor and check your daughter’s daily activities, it’ll be pricier. Professional services such as hiring certified detectives or investigators in your area would definitely create a hole on your wallet. Basically, they are trained and hired for their specialization and this comes with a professional fee. They are in doubt should be paid with a competitive rate as they stroll around the cities chasing after your daughter. But with Mobile Spy, you can only spare a manageable amount of $49 to be able to use the software for three months.

2. You’ll Know Where Exactly They Are

Sure, your daughter can post on Facebook that she’s at a nearby store or restaurant downtown when in truth she’s in a residential place. Facebook posts can be easily edited and therefore, viewers are manipulated instantly. When Facebook is the only medium where you can locate your daughter, you can depend on the mobile’s GPS locations. However, your daughter can turn the GPS access off and you’ll be clueless on her whereabouts. But with Mobile Spy, you will be able to see and know where your daughter is. On the other hand, a private investigator has to run and chase your daughter’s whereabouts. In this instance, can he enter the residential place and actually be inside the house with your daughter?

3. The Investigator Can’t Touch the Phone

There is no way that a private investigator can check on your daughter’s mobile. He can’t even touch it. No matter how professional or effective he is, he won’t be able to see your daughter’s mobile activity. Probably, in his might, he would be able to touch it. But your daughter’s mobile has security lock, right? However, you can view all the SMS text messages of your daughter with Mobile Spy. You can access and read the actual text messages and now what time it was sent and who sent it.

4. No to Late Telecasts. Yes to Live Evidence.

A private investigator will chase your daughter on her whereabouts and provide you snippets of her daily activities through pictures. It can be sent in print photos or sent through email. The problem is these photos can be limited and sending it back and forth may need some time and reliable device feature. In the end, you’ll be unaware of the rest of the activities that were not caught on cam. But with the Mobile SpySmartphone monitoring software, you can view live screen with live panel option of your daughter’s mobile activity.

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