Mobistealth Reviews

When I Really Needed to Know What My Husband Was up to, Mobistealth Pulled through for Me

A couple of months ago I started to develop suspicions about my husband’s activities and decided to turn to Mobistealth in order to find out the truth. There were small indications that first that seemed to grow and grow over time and no matter what I did or who I talked to, I couldn’t find out what the actual cause of our relationship problems were. There was only one way to really get to the bottom of things and that was by installing a mobile phone tracker on his phone that would let me know exactly who he was contacting, where he was going and what types of activities he was engaged in.

When you really need to know – Sometimes there is no other way!

I was worried a bit that I would feel guilty about installing the software but when I read through the  Mobistealth reviews I could see that others were doing it with a clear conscience. After all, there was no way that our relationship was going to go anywhere unless I found out for sure whether or not he was up to anything suspicious that I wouldn’t agree with.

First I needed to know how Mobistealth worked


The first thing that I needed to do was to find out exactly how this software would work. I read through the official site and saw that all I would have to do would be to get a hold of his cell phone and download the software without him being aware of it. I encountered no Mobistealth problems when I did this and it only took a few minutes to download the program. I just took his phone and told him that I needed to use it for a minute and he didn’t say a thing. He was busy watching a movie at the time and couldn’t care less whether I borrowed his cell phone or not.

Once the software was installed I was anxious to find out, “does Mobistealth workas it’s supposed to?” I heard his phone ring and knew that I’d have my answer soon. I went upstairs to my computer to see all of the details of his call. I was quite anxious and hopeful to find out more about this awesome software package and how it could actually make a difference in my life.

I had my own personal account to access

Once I had installed the Mobistealth software all I had to do was set up a personal account with a private password so that no one else could ever access the information on it. It only took a minute or two and then I was able to see exactly who he was talking to during the call and what was being said. This was amazing! He had only just finished his call and all of the details were there right in front of me! Fortunately, it was only his brother calling to ask him a question about a piece of hardware.

During the next few days I kept looking for mobistealth problems and logging into my account to see what type of phone call activity was occurring. One day I noticed that he was talking to a female about something vague and was arranging to meet up with this person at a certain spot. This sparked my attention and I knew that I would have to remotely activate the microphone during his meet up to find out what was going on.

He never knew that I was monitoring him!

During all this time he never had a suspicion that I was monitoring his cell phone. He just kept going through his daily business and never noticed that anything was installed on his phone or running in the background. I had read in the Mobistealth reviews that people would not suspect a thing once it was uploaded but it was nice to see this for myself.

The fateful day arrived and I knew that I was going to find out the truth

Was my husband having a relationship with another girl or were my suspicions unfounded? I was soon to find out the answer and to tell you the truth I was really quite scared. I knew that I needed to know the answer but it was really hard to confront the situation. I gathered up all of my strength. I was really going to find out once and for all not only whether he was having an affair or not but does Mobistealth work when you really needed to.

Once I activated the microphone so that I could hear what was happening in the surroundings I heard some activity in the background and then I heard him welcome a female. They weren’t talking romantically at all and then I could hear some announcements indicating that a horse race was about to start. As I listened closer the female sounded just like his sister and I could hear him going up to the betting booths and counting out a rather large quantity of money to place his bet.

I did find out the truth with Mobistealth and it was okay

It all made sense all of a sudden! He did have a secret he was hiding but it wasn’t about another relationship but rather a gambling problem. There was a lot of money that had been missing lately but I was too busy to really put my finger on the problem and ask him about it. When he came home later that evening I did confront him about the finances and he admitted, after some heated discussion, that he was gambling once a week at the race track. He promised to stop and I believed him.

I still kept Mobistealth installed on the phone

Even though he promised that he wouldn’t gamble any longer I really listened to the Mobistealth reviews and decided to keep it on the phone anyway. This way I could monitor him and help him through his problem. Since this software can do so much I decided that it could really come in handy. Here are just some of the many features that are on this amazing software:

  • Record Skype calls
  • Monitor chat messages
  • See incoming and outgoing emails
  • Monitor the cell phone surroundings
  • Access your private account from anywhere in the world
  • See the pictures and videos the cell phone owner is viewing
  • Much more

I was happy to learn the truth so that I could finally deal with the situation at hand. I encourage anybody that is suspicious about their significant other to invest a small amount into this software to get their answers. Does Mobistealth work – you bet it does and it’s time for you to find out just like I did just how well it can perform when you need it to the most.