What are the Features of Mobile Spy?

As the next generation tracking application, Mobile Spy provides most up-to-date features than the previous ones. This software is unique and made more reliable for the varying and rising demand of people who need a smart phone monitoring software. If you’re checking on this product, here are its features that will help you decide that it is the best in the market today:

  1. Works with complete stealth settings

Right in the first instance of installing it, you will be complacent on how it works in full secrecy, which is its primary job. The software works in complete stealth and independently. You just have to install it on the compatible device that you wish to monitor and you can monitor it immediately by logging in through your personal devices. Either you’re using a computer or mobile web browser, Mobile Spy will perform its function without any hint.

  1. See and read the actual SMS text messages

This is why it is better to buy this software than hire a private investigator. Aside from doing your bank account a favor, being able to read the SMS text messages can already top off the job of a private investigator. It suffices and even exceeds the actual reason why you bought this tracking software.

  1. Track WhatsApp and iMessage

WhatsApp is a chatting software that you can enjoy on smart phones. On the other hand, iMessage is a communication platform for all iOS users. With Mobile Spy, you will also be able to track the messages on WhatsApp and iMessage. You will know the texts sent and the person who sent it.

  1. Know GPS locations instantly

You can immediately detect the whereabouts of your wife/husband, son/daughter or employee with the easy and fast configuration on GPS locations.

  1. Get the latest on their Facebook and Twitter posts

Social media accounts are the added feature that previous monitoring software doesn’t have. Mobile Spy will enable you to be updated on the Facebook and Twitter messages of the concerned smart phone user. Gone are the days when you feel very anxious on who and what they are talking about due to the privacy of your wife/husband, son/daughter or employee’s social media accounts.

  1. Hear complete call detail and website visit recordings

By far, this feature wraps up the whole smart phone monitoring software feature. You can get into the call details and website visits of the people concerned. You’ll get a hint on what they are preoccupied with through the call recordings, websites visited and the period when these activities were taken.

  1. See and read emails, memos and contacts

Get personal information from the people concerned through this feature. This software lets you see and read the emails, memos and contacts they have on their smart phones.

  1. Blocks apps

If you’re concerned on what your kids have been using, this will enable you to block inapt apps that they shouldn’t be using.

  1. Get live screen activities

Lastly, this feature lets you track the mobile activities of the concerned person with live screen. This is the best that you can get from Mobile Spy.

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